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      Chris Casamassa,
      Martial Arts Commentator
      with Don the Dragon Wilson
      USA Internationals 2003

Enjoy Quicktime movies
of Some of the
Women Warriors

John Michael Ferrari's
Director's Demo Reel

Photos by Director
John Michael Ferrari

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Women Warriors

Stories about Women Doing Amazing Things

A special THANK YOU note from us
at Pepper Jay Productions
to the martial arts community:

You are amazing! We are honored to have met you.
So many good people ... excellent contributions to our children and communities. You are kind, generous, and sharing ... not only to us but to each other. One day, we hope to do your story of your many and varied accomplishments. In the meantime, enjoy the two minute Quicktime movie "teasor," below,
about our segment on women in continuous sparring.

Thank you again and keep in touch,
Pepper Jay, John Michael Ferrari,
Tennessee Norton, and Sara Beth Norton
Pepper Jay Productions

"Women Warriors - Continuous Sparring" (c)
Produced by Pepper Jay Productions
in association with Lyle Howry Productions LLC

Directed by John Michael Ferrari
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Tara Van Deusen, David Brock, Angela Hayes
USA International Martial Arts World Championship
Womens Adult Sparring Finals
Las Vegas, NV 2003


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